d.Hub Design for Disaster

During a two day service jam, our team of conceived, researched, and prototyped a service system that would pull together disaster relief services in the form of a modular, flat-packed shelter.

Easy to deploy, the d.Hubs would be packed to serve as medical stations, semipermanent housing, central coordination, power and communications management, children’s services, and quiet space. d.Hubs could be stored in advance of storms at central neighborhood locations like schools or transport hubs and can be assembled by anybody. They could also be airdropped post-disaster. The service component included a community skills census to help people help each other in a time of crisis.

Collaborators: Liza Pesenson, Kasia Sinczak, Lia Milito, Lars Leimanis

Designed to coordinate resources and communications, generate power, reduce stress, and treat people with dignity during and after a disaster.

↑ Territory Map and Personas

↑ Service Blueprint


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