Digital Strategy for HH Sheikha Moza

Approached by the office of Sheikha Moza bint Nasser — one of Forbes’ most powerful women in the world — our multidisciplinary team conducted a variety of research methods (card sorting, talk-aloud, eye-tracking, make tools and participatory design) in order to compose a comprehensive needs analysis report. We began by shifting the conversation away from discussing a web site to discussing her broader online communications strategy.

The final deliverable included high-resolution wire frames, detailed technical specifications, recommendations on language and rhetoric for English and Arabic versions, and recommendations on how to create an office to manage the site after implementation.

Roles: Human-centered design research, information architecture, site feature specifications, prototyping, user interface design, project documentation.

Title: Researcher and Design Lead (2010 – 2011)

Collaborators: Andreas Karatsolis, Divakaran Liginlal, and Selma Limam Mansar

Front page content sourced from current news and a photo database. Content specified to be entirely language-dependent. The English-language site, for instance, promotes news and public relations, while the Arabic-language site promotes her personal and family side. These two sides to the site were determined by two competing audience needs and values — one set from local Qataris, one from international visitors.

Press releases recommended to be geotagged for her international travel history and schedule. This page is interwoven with photo and media albums. A rigid hierarchical site map became more flat and dynamic in our recommended design.



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