Vineyard & Nantucket Sticker Packs

These iMessage sticker packs capture the signs, flags, beach permits, ferries, landmarks, bumper stickers, and graphic artifacts of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. I carefully selected and illustrated each sticker and sign to document them as they disappear — and to bring them into a new format. For decades-old beach permits, it was a multi-year process of finding their colors and faithfully matching their designs. Subtle animations appear throughout, including the lighthouses that match each one’s unique characteristic.

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Screenshot for Martha's Vineyard iMessage Sticker Pack

Screenshot for Martha's Vineyard iMessage Sticker Pack

Screenshot for Martha's Vineyard iMessage Sticker Pack

Screenshot for Martha's Vineyard iMessage Sticker Pack

Screenshot for Nantucket iMessage Sticker Pack

Screenshot for Nantucket iMessage Sticker Pack

Screenshot for Nantucket iMessage Sticker Pack

Screenshot for Nantucket iMessage Sticker Pack

Piping Plover MV: A Pop-Up Brand

Born from the iMessage sticker packs came Piping Plover MV, a nostalgic pop-up brand that made small batch enamel pins, vinyl stickers, cards, beach bags, and tees. It was “inside baseball” for islanders who remember when Nomans was still being bombed and whose station wagons are covered in beach stickers. Products were sold on Instagram, Shopify, and at Coastal Supply Co. in Vineyard Haven.

Martha's Vineyard Enamel Pins

Martha's Vineyard Stickers
Martha's Vineyard Beach Bag

Martha's Vineyard Greeting Cards
Martha's Vineyard Stickers

Martha's Vineyard Stickers
Martha's Vineyard Stickers

Martha's Vineyard Enamel Pin Wedding Gift
Nothing Succeeds like Secession Martha’s Vineyard Bumper Sticker

East Chop, West Chop, Cape Poge, Gay Head, and Edgartown Lighthouses
Old Whaling Church
Osborn Wharf
Old Sculpin Gallery
Edgartown Reading Room
Dr. Daniel Fisher House
The Charlotte Inn
The Fligor’s
Sweetened Water Farm Barn
Old Variety Store
Flying Horses Carousel
Mad Martha’s Ice Cream
The Pink House
Ocean Park Bandstand
Oak Bluffs Ferry Terminal
West Chop Shop
Strand Theatre
The Tabernacle
Capawock Theater
Bowl & Board
Morrice Florist
Clarence Barns Movers
Martha’s Vineyard Museum
Scallop Shack
Tisbury Wharf Company
The Black Dog Wharf
Black Dog Tavern
Wind’s Up
West Tisbury Grange Hall
Alley’s General Store
The Field Gallery
The Granary Gallery
Lambert’s Cove Inn
The Bite
Menemsha Coast Guard
Menemsha Texaco
Chilmark Store
Vanderhoop Homestead
Outermost Inn
The Painted House on Moshup Trail
Chappaquiddick Beach Club

Schooner Alabama
Catboat Charters
Lightship Vineyard

M/V Governor
M/V Islander
M/V Martha’s Vineyard
M/V Gay Head
M/V Woods Hole
On Time II Chappy Ferry

The Swordfish Harpooner Sculpture
A Tom Maley Sculpture
Vanessa the Sea Serpent

Gray, Pink, Green, Cyan, Blue, and Violet Vineyard Maps

Pride Martha’s Vineyard Oval
Pink Martha’s Vineyard Heart

“Vineyarders” Wordmark
Martha’s Vineyard Secession Seagull Flag
MVY Nautical Flags
Vineyard Haven, Edgartown, and East Chop Yacht Club Burgees
Vineyard Sail Burgee
Black Dog Burgee
WMVY Sticker
Keep Our Harbor Clean Edgartown Marine Sticker
Your Market Our Market Sticker
Al’s Pals Sticker
Larsen’s Fish Market Sign
Sail MV 2018 Sticker
Black Dog Tall Ships Sticker
Giordano’s Sticker
Net Result Sticker
Larry’s Tackle Shop Sticker
Wind’s Up Sticker
Katama Farm Sticker
Oak Bluffs Post Office Sign
Larsen’s Fish Market Sticker
1989 Gull Sticker
Red Cat Kitchen Sticker
Morning Glory Farm Sticker
Black Dog Tavern Sign
Royal and Ancient Chappaquiddick Links Sticker
Menemsha Fish Market Sign
Polly Hill Sign
Farm Institute Sticker
Waterside Market Sticker
Vanderhoop Fishing Charters Sign
See Ya at Tony’s Sticker
Menemsha Blues Fish Sticker
Chilmark Chocolates Sign
Flying Horses Sticker
Darling’s Salt Water Taffy Label
Murdick’s Fudge Box
Scottish Bakehouse Sticker
Rocco’s Rocks Sticker
Back Door Donuts Sign
Newes from America Wooden Nickel
Edgartown Paper Store Sign

The Only Store on Chappy Sign
Island Alpaca Sticker
Allen Farm Sign
Fresh Sashimi Sign
Chicken Alley Sticker
Grace Happens Sticker
Sun Dog Sign
Shirt Tales Sign
Edgartown Seafood Sticker
A&P Tiling
I Whale MV Vineyard Vines Sticker
Beetlebung Lobster Sticker
Lucy& Squiby& Lamberts& Philbin& Chappy Sticker
Among the Flowers Sticker
Chappaquiddick Beach Club Sign
Squid Row Sticker
The Ritz Sign
In the Bluff Sign
Mocha Mott’s Coffee Sign
Look Street Sign
Coastal Supply Sign
I Got Fresh at the Fresh Pasta Shoppe Sticker
Menemsha Galley Sticker
Enjoy Poole’s Fish Sticker
Menemsha Harbor Master Sign
Backwater Sticker
Vineyard Youth Tennis Sticker
Classic Aviators Sign
MVY Radio Sticker
Peck’s Bad Boy Sticker
Menemsha Bites Sticker
Sharing Chappy Roads Sticker
Camp Meeting Association Sign
Cottage Museum Sign
Reliable Market Sign
Brickman’s Sign
Vermont Shop Sticker
Red Barn Sticker
Gay Head Lighthouse Keep on Shining Sticker
Chilmark Road Race 1978 Logo
Oversouth Antiques Sign
Bike Ferry via Menemsha Sign
Trader Fred’s Sign
Orange Peel Bakery Sign
Path to Far Sign
Cow Bay Cow Crossing Sign
Sweet Life Cafe Sign
Farm Neck Seventh Hole Sign
Tashtego Poster
Dedicated to Whales Plaque
I Bike MV Sticker
Seven Gates Farm Certified Milk Seal
Al’s Tours Sticker
Make Alleys Great Again Sticker
To The Cliffs Sign
Hot Tin Roof Sign
Gay Head Light Sign
Donovan’s Reef Dirty Banana Sticker
Menemsha Bar NYC Advertisement
Flying Horses Ticket and Season Pass
R.W. Cutler Bike Rentals Sign
Bare Feet Allowed Sign
Martha’s Vineyard Shipyard Sign
Campground Sign
Souvenirs Sign
Follow Me To Eden Sticker
Manuel F Correllus State Forest Sign
Camp Jabberwocky Sign
Green Room Sticker
Vineyard Series 2021 Sticker
Woods Hole MV Tunnel Permit
Cape Air Luggage Tag
Vineyard Boat Sign
Vintage Steamship Ticket
Chappy Ferry Tickets
Beach Closed Amity P.D. Jaws Sign
Lifeguards Only Sign
USCG Station Menemsha Sign
MV Trail Marker
X-Chappy Trail Marker
Please Keep off the Dunes Sign
No Diving Sign
Sharky’s Keep Sharks on Leashes Sign
Birds Nesting Sign
Island Entertainment Card
Bunch of Grapes Book Club Card
CLAMS Library Card
Warning to Washashores Sign
Open Windy Days Sign
New, Used, and Well Used Sign
Vineyard Parking Ticket
Peaked Hill Bench Mark
Bike Ferry $5 Sign
Cuttyhunk Oval Sticker
Nomans Land Island National Wildlife Refuge Sign
Nomans is an Island Sticker
Give Me A Break... I Live Here Year Round Sticker
If You’re Not Here in February Sticker
Think Local Surf Global Sticker
Nothing Succeeds like Secession Sticker

Martha is Pro-Choice Sticker
Mopeds are Dangerous Sticker
Ban Moped Rentals Sticker
Keep Bikers Alive Drive at 25 Sticker
No Jets Sticker
Clam Therapy Sticker
Slow Down Sticker
Save the Sub Standard Bump Sticker
Upis-Land Sticker
Noepe Cairn
Obama on Martha’s Vineyard Logo
I Voted Sticker
Bunch of Grapes Stained Glass Window
Martha’s Vineyard Next Left Sign
Warning Deflate Tires Sign
Island Mail Only Sign
Ships Whistle is Very Loud Sign
Closed for the Season Sign
Lobster Walk Sign
Guinea Hen Crossing Sign
Horse Rossin Sign
Slow Turkeys Sign
Heavy Sand in Road Sign
Ag Fair Ribbons

MV, OB, INK, EDG, CHAPPY, VH, WT, CHIL, M’SHA, AQ, Noepe Oval Stickers
“Entering” Town Signs

Road Signs from:
Beetlebung Corner
Cape Poge
Chilmark Aquinnah
Dike Bridge
Dutcher Dock Menemsha Beach
East Chop
Edgartown Ctr. Chappaquiddick
Edgartown Katama
Gay Head Cliffs
Great Rock Bight
Indian Hill Christiantown
Inkwell Beach
Jaws Bridge
Katama South Beach
Lagoon Pond
Lambert’s Cove Makonikey Head
Lamberts Cove Road Lower End
Lobsterville Town Beach
Meeting House Road
Menemsha Creek
North Tisbury
Oak Bluffs
Oak Bluffs Edgartown Gay Head
Old County Road Airport Edgartown
State Beach Edgartown Chappaquiddick
Tabor House Road
Lake Tashmoo
Tea Lane to Middle Road
Telegraph Hill
Up Island
Vineyard Haven
Vineyard Haven Edgartown
Vineyard Haven West Chop
West Basin
West Chop
West Tisbury
West Tisbury Aquinnah
West Tisbury Chilmark Aquinnah

Cape Poge and Wasque Oversand Vehicle Permits
Dukes County Norton Point Oversand Vehicle
Lucy Vincent Beach Stickers
Squibnocket Beach Stickers
Philbin Beach Sticker
Lambert’s Cove Beach Stickers

Aquinnah 02535 Postmark
Chilmark 02535 Postmark
Edgartown 02539 Postmark
Menemsha 02552 Postmark
Oak Bluffs 02557 Postmark
Vineyard Haven 02568 Postmark
West Chop 02573 Postmark
West Tisbury 02575 Postmark

Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby Pins
Town Dump Stickers
Skiff and Dinghy Permits

Sankaty Head Lighthouse
Great Point Lighthouse
Brant Point Lighthouse
Lightship Nantucket

Nantucket Rainbow Fleet

Entering Nantucket Sign
Entering Siasconset Sign
Nantucket Whale Burgee
Nantucket and Great Harbor Yacht Club Burgees
Westmoor Club Burgee

Gray, Pink, Green, Cyan, Blue, and Violet Nantucket Maps

ACK Nautical Flags
Nantucket Heart Sticker
ACK and SCNST Oval Stickers
FOG Oval Sticker

I Heart Whales Sticker
Nantucket Whalers Stickers
India St Sign
Fog Happens Sticker
Gardiner’s Corner Sign
3048 Miles to Spain Sign
Don’t Give Up the Ship
Something Natural Sticker
Millie’s Sticker
Downeyflake Donuts Sign
Nantucket Bike Shop Plate
ACK Island Sticker
Vintage Nantucket Windmill Sticker
Nantucket is Fragile Sticker
Land Bank Sign
Nantucket Conservation Sign
Sconset on my Mind Sticker
Sconset Trust Sticker
Nantucket National Wildlife Refuge Sign
Nantucket Whale Illustration Sticker
Kidding Around Sign
Meet me at The Minnow Sticker
Toy Boat Sign
Figawi Sticker
Nantucket Reds Pants
Where the Figawi Sticker
Cisco Brewers Sticker
Murray’s Sign
Madaket Marine Sticker
Flotsam Sticker
Nantucket Boat Basin Sticker
Nantucket Tackle Sticker
Gut Fish, Not Houses Sticker
Erosion Happens Sticker
We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Island Sticker
’Sconset Trust I’m a Keeper Sticker
Save the Lily Pond Sticker
Ask for Authentic Sticker
Shuck it for Nantucket Sticker
Nantucket is not Disney Sticker
What’s Your Hurry Sticker
Save Historic Sconset Sticker

Don Allen Whale Sticker
Chicken Box Sticker
Nantucket Parking Ticket
Nantucket Tunnel Permit
Air New England ACK Baggage Tag
Nantucket Airlines Baggage Tag
Steamship Authority Sign
No Lifeguard on Duty Sign
Dune Rebuilding Sign
Respect the Locals Sign
Hyannis High Speed Ferry Boarding Sign
Scallop Shells Sign
Wannacomet Water Meter
Coast Guard Station Signs
Closed for the Season Sign
Nantucket 02554 Postmark
Siasconset 02564 Postmark

Alter Rock Sign
Bluff Walk Sign
Brant Point Sign
Children’s Beach Sign
Cisco Sign
Coatue Point Sign
Coskata Sign
Dionis Sign
Eel Point Sign
Esther Island Sign
Gray Lady Sign
Great Point Sign
Hummock Pond Sign
Jetties Sign
Little Neck Sign
Madaket Sign
Masquetuck Sign
Miacomet Sign
Monomoy Sign
The Moors Sign
Muskeget Island Sign
Nanahumas Neck Sign
Nantucket Signs
North Pasture Sign
Pocomo Sign
Polpis Sign
Quaise Sign
Quidnet Sign
Sankaty Head Sign
The Serengeti Sign
Sesachacha Pond Sign
Shimmo Sign
Siasconset Sign
Smith’s Point Sign
South Pasture Sign
Squam Sign
Nantucket Steamer Wharf Sign
Steps Beach Sign
Surfside Sign
Tom Nevers Sign
Tuckernuck Island Sign
Wauwinet Sign

Nantucket Beach Permits
Oversand Beach Permits
Bike Trail Markers

Montauk Surf Shop Oval Sticker
Montauk The End Sticker
USCG Montauk Sign
Whalebone Sticker
Surfing is Prohibited Sign
East Hampton Sign
Jobs Lane Sign
East Hampton Parking Permit
Southampton Oval Sticker
Southampton Beach Sticker
Amagansett Oval Sticker
Suffolk County Whaling Museum
Big Olaf Sign
Sag Harbor Sticker
The Big Duck Sign
Shelter Island Oysters
Shelter Island Map
North Fork Oval Sticker
Fishers Island Parking Sticker
Jones Beach Sign
Fire Island Sticker
Rowing Blazers Sticker
Strand Books Sticker
Exit 0 Cape May Sign
Take Back the Notch Sticker
Essex Steam Train and Riverboat Sign
Sally’s Apizza Sign
Mystic Pizza Sticker
Block Island Map
I Never Leave Rhode Island Sticker
Del’s Sticker
Olneyville N.Y. System Sticker
NP-ah Sticker
I Heart Lobster Sticker
Hi Neighbor Sticker
New York Yacht Club Burgee
Newport America’s Cup 1980 Poster
Newport Oval Sticker
Bellevue Avenue Sign
Preppy Handbook Cover
Cape Cod Oval Sticker
Cape Cod Canal Tunnel Sticker
Don’t Hassle Me Sticker
Orleans Beach Sticker
Cape Cod National Seashore Off-Road Vehicle Permit
Eastham Beach Sticker
Falmouth Beaches Sticker
Hyannis Cape Air Luggage Tag
Cape Cod Rail Trail Sign
WHOI Sticker
Pie in the Sky Sticker
Cape Cod National Seashore Sign
Wellfleet Sticker
Shore Road Sign
Provincetown Oval
Save Buzzard Bay Sticker
Fish Cuttyhunk Sticker
Nomans is an Island Sticker
Vineyard Vines Sticker
Martha’s Vineyard Sign
Chappaquiddick Oversand Vehicle Permit
Black Dog Burgee
Martha’s Vineyard Bluefish Derby Pin
ACK Oval
Fog Happens Sticker
Nantucket Beach Permit
Nantucket Burgee
Nantucket Oversand Vehicle Permit

Nantucket Map
Scituate Beach Permit
Crane Beach Parking Permit
Air New England Boston Luggage Tag
Mike’s Pastry Box
Boston Parking Ticket
Mass Pike Sign
Citgo Sign
My Other Volvo is a Volvo Sticker
Mass Audubon Sticker
Thickly Settled Sign
Wicked Good Bumpah Stickah
Entering Stockbridge Sign
Tanglewood Ticket
Montague Book Mill Sticker
Greylock Mountain Peak Survey Marker
Welcome to New Hampshire Sign
Hampton Beach Sticker
I Hike New Hampshire Sign
This Car Climbed Mt Washington Sticker
Brake for Moose Sign
One Dollar Fine Sign
White Mountain National Forest Sign
Welcome to Maine Sign
Acadia National Park Sign
Bar Harbor Oval
Appalachian Trail Marker
Appalachian Mountain Club Sticker
Ski The East Sticker
Welcome to Vermont Sign
Vermont Oval Sticker
I Lovermont Sticker
Peace, Love and Ice Cream Sticker
Pure Vermont Maple Syrup Sign
Killington Sticker
Mad River Glen Sticker
Rovers North Sticker
No Farms, No Food Sticker
Sugarloaf Sticker
I Heart NY Sticker
Whiteface Mountain Sign
Lake Placid 1980 Raccoon Pin
Adirondack Mountains Moose Sticker
ADK Oval Sticker
NYS Trail Marker
NYS Snowmobile Trail Marker
Catskill Mouintains Oval Sticker
Hunter Mountain Sticker
Woodstock Sticker
Hudson Parking Sign
The Gunks Sticker
Bear Mountain State Park Sticker
Hudson Valley Sticker
Welcome to Cold Spring Sign
Old Souls Pin
Breakneck Ridge Metro North Sign
Sloop Clearwater Sticker
Storm King Sign
What Would Pete Do? Sticker
Scenic Hudson Trail Marker
London, Paris, Rome, Rhinebeck Sticker
Ithaca is Gorges Sticker
House of Guitars Sticker
Rochester Tent City Sticker

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