The Interactive News

The Interactive News was a catalog of the best examples of digital journalism from 2008 to 2016. I designed and launched the site to archive these exceptional digital moments and to serve educators, journalists, and designers. As news media transformed its formats of delivery, I sought to capture the most informative, innovative, and interactive examples.

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Roles: Site creator, grant writer, designer, and editor. I oversaw development, launch, and upkeep.

Grants: Carnegie Mellon and Qatar Foundation. The Interactive News was a project of Carnegie Mellon University.

Collaborator: Ahmed Hashmi, UX designer and developer.

Advisors: Dan Boyarski, Andrew Mills, Kelly Murdoch-Kitt, Susan Hagan

“All the boundaries of print just feel so incredibly old-fashioned now — the need to do things in a certain shape, in a certain mix, by a certain time of day in the week.”   Tina Brown, 2012